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Relaxed vision in the digital world

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, navigation systems and e-readers: nothing has changed our lives in recent years as much as our use of digital devices. On average, we spend almost five hours a day staring at different kinds of screens. We look for recipes, post content on Facebook, check our emails when on the go – and these changes have all impacted our vision.

Our eyes are having to become accustomed to a new field of near vision in order to accommodate the shorter distance at which we hold digital devices compared to a newspaper or a book. ZEISS Digital Lenses have an optimised lens design to make it easier for you to read content on digital devices up close. Digital Lenses were primarily developed for 30- to 45-year-olds who still have good vision in the intermediate and near ranges, but who have already noticed an impairment in their visual comfort due to frequent use of digital devices.

How do ZEISS Digital Lenses work?

ZEISS Digital Lenses make it easier for us to see in this connected world: they have been specially optimised for the near vision zone, which takes into account the typical visual behaviour of single vision lens wearers when using digital devices. As a point of comparison: we read a newspaper or book at a distance of around 40 centimetres, whereas mobile devices are held around 30 cm away. ZEISS Digital Lenses are prefect for both of these distances. They cover wide fields of clear view for distances and offer support for the eyes when looking at digital devices up close. So they help our eyes focus at close or long range, thus ensuring much more comfortable vision. This means we can reduce, and perhaps even prevent, digital eyestrain and its consequences (irritated, burning eyes, tension and headaches). Get relaxed, fresh eyes and stress-free vision for good – even after a long day at work using your smartphone, laptop, etc.

Who are ZEISS Digital Lenses for?

The longer and more intensively we use digital devices, the more tired our eyes will be: we constantly shift our focus, meaning the eye’s ciliary muscle has to readjust time and again – from close up to far away, in the intermediate ranges and back. Over time, normally from the age of 30 and up, our eyes begin to lose their ability to adapt. They become tired more easily, especially if we’re constantly moving them between a display and faraway objects. In some cases, our eyes need more time to re-focus and therefore have to work much harder than before to achieve the same results. This could lead to irritated, burning and overtired eyes, tension and headaches – typical symptoms of digital eyestrain. ZEISS Digital Lenses deliver comfortable, relaxed vision as they support the ciliary muscle to re-focus when we switch between viewing distances.

Did you know that ZEISS Digital Lenses can replace your everyday glasses? You can wear them all day long and they are suitable for first-time users as well as long-time spectacle wearers. No matter whether you want to buy a pair of glasses to reduce visual stress or simply want a new pair for greater comfort in the digital world, your ZEISS Vision Center Annys Asse will be happy to help!

Integrated blue light protection for your eyes.

Light sources like a smartphone, TV, LED lamp or laptop emit much more blue light than we’ve ever experienced before. Blue light is believed to interfere with our body clock, cause insomnia and prevent us from getting a good night’s sleep. Some people find it unpleasant or tiring. The special blue light filter ZEISS DuraVision® BlueProtect delivers comfortable vision. It offers additional visual comfort in artificial light and helps wearers who are concerned with the impact of blue-violet light on their eyes and are searching for a way to protect them.

In addition to a blue light filter, ZEISS DuraVision® BlueProtect lenses feature  

  • a hard coating that protects against scratches and
  • a CleanCoat finish for easy cleaning.

It’s a great addition to any pair of glasses with ZEISS Digital Lenses – a fantastic way of keeping digital eyestrain at bay!

Find out more about how ZEISS Digital Lenses can combat digital eyestrain.

Our tip for beating digital eyestrain.

We don’t usually realise how much our eyes work during the day. We switch between different viewing distances regularly, endure bright artificial light, and have to read tiny font on screens that are already small – so our eyes have their work cut out, and this often leads to digital eyestrain. This can result in overtired eyes, headaches and neck pain, or fatigue. Do you suffer from any of the above? Do you get the feeling that your eyes have been more tired lately? Do you often experience burning, red or teary eyes, especially after a long day? Do you work a lot indoors at a computer with artificial lighting? Or are you just looking for a pair of glasses that will leave your eyes more relaxed after using digital devices?  

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