ZEISS VISION CENTER Annys Asse | Owner: Ingrid Annys & Kris Vander Elst

ZEISS Vision Center

Our vision, Our mission, Our shop


Our vision
A world where everybody everywhere always has a clear perception.

Our mission
We want to fulfil your visual needs by offering you innovative solutions in optics. We guarantee you the best functional and fashionable eyecare thanks to our craftmanship and quality products.

Our shop
  • 1992: Optiek Annys opens in the city center of Asse, near Brussels

  • 2006: complete refurbishment of the shop

  • 2019: Optiek Annys opens the very first ZEISS Vision Center in the Benelux and becomes ZEISS Vision Center Annys Asse.

The team of ZEISS VISION CENTER Annys Asse

Ingrid Annys

Owner, Orthoptist - Optometrist

Bachelor IORT Brussel 1990
Managing Director and founder 1992 Optiek Annys

Kris Vander Elst

Owner, Orthoptist - Optometrist

Dipl. Ondernemersopleiding Syntra Gent 2007, Master Bedrijfseconomische Wetenschappen HU Brussel 1991
Managing Director

Larissa Limpens

Orthoptist - Optometrist

Bachelor Odisee Brussel 2017
ZEISS Vision Analysis, contact lenses

Johan Coclet

Orthoptist - Optometrist

Bachelor Odisee Brussel 2020
Refraction, workshop, low vision

Valérie Taets

Orthoptist - Optometrist

Student Odisee Brussel
In training