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Sports glasses for optimum performance

When it comes to sports, exceptional vision is one of the key requirements for optimum performance and safety – whether you’re playing golf, tennis, football or cycling. But particular sports make particular demands on our vision: downhill cyclists need special eye, dirt and dust protection, while marksmen look for contrast-enhancing tints or targeted visual aids for specific distances.

Our eyes even have it tough when we’re skiing or hiking in the mountains, where glare and reflections make it difficult for us to see clearly. In other words, sports glasses have to be able to do many different things and cater to individual needs. When you’re playing your favourite sport, what helps you see clearly and put your best foot forward? Your ZEISS Vision Center Annys Assewill be happy to help. So what does it all come down to when you’re buying a pair of sports glasses?

What are the benefits of sports glasses?

Sports glasses don’t just look cool, they have many useful functions, too – they’re optimised for your eyes and your favourite sport. The perfect tint will dramatically improve your contrast perception: that means cyclists can see bumps in the road more quickly in poor light, and marksmen can make out their targets more clearly. With the right tint, ski goggles will reduce the brightness of snow-covered terrain without limiting your depth perception. This makes contours sharper, so you can get the lay of the land.

And in terms of glare protection, sports glasses can do a lot for your visual comfort: sunglass lenses with a ZEISS DuraVision® Mirror coating don’t just make you look a million dollars, they also provide crystal-clear vision with significantly reduced reflections, e.g. high up in the mountains. Comprehensive glare protection ensures more comfortable vision in bright sunshine – such as on the golf course or the slopes, but also for those who cycle or sail. As well as having many additional benefits, a pair of sports glasses with prescription lenses will certainly look good and provide optimum vision correction. Thanks to the Cosmetic Edge® technology from ZEISS, even wrapped frames with a high prescription are still very thin and permit razor-sharp vision right to the edges – and they’re available for progressive lenses as well!

By the way: Did you know that UV radiation can also affect our eyes during the day? All year round, at any time of day, in sunny conditions or even on cloudy days when UV exposure can reach up to 75 percent at ground level. That’s why our clear, lenses offer comprehensive UV protection up to a wavelength of 400 nm – and that includes our sports glasses with prescription lenses.

Who are sports glasses suitable for?

Selecting the right sports glasses is a very personal matter. The same goes for sports glasses with prescription lenses. As previously mentioned, the demands made of a pair of sports glasses vary greatly depending on the type of sport. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to sports glasses – but you can definitely find the best pair for your sport! So come and talk to us if you’re in the market for a pair of sports glasses.

Your ZEISS optician will be happy to advise you on the possibilities – together, we’ll find the right glasses for you. Click here to find out more about sports glasses from ZEISS.

Our tip for sports glasses.

To ensure your sports glasses are a perfect fit, we suggest you bring along any sports equipment you have to your ZEISS Vision Center Annys Asse. They can then see whether the glasses fit under your ski, bike or motorbike helmet, recommending the right tint for you, and check what viewing distances are needed. Always check with your optician first.

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