ZEISS VISION CENTER Annys Asse | Owner: Ingrid Annys & Kris Vander Elst

ZEISS Vision Center

Lenses for every situation. When you buy a new pair of ZEISS lenses, we offer you a second pair for half of the price.

Do you often drive? Then choose ZEISS DriveSafe lenses. Are you someone who often has meetings and works on the computer? Then ZEISS Officelens will simplify your work.

ZEISS has a specific lens for every lifestyle and situation. This will make your life easier and more comfortable.

To guarantee you all the time and attention you deserve, we prefere to work by appointment. Please call 02 453 01 79 or make an appointment via the link on this website.

Better vision. Day and night. A safe and comfortable drive thanks to ZEISS DriveSafe.

ZEISS DriveSafe lenses give you a sharper vision on the road, even in dim lighting conditions. Be blinded no longer by oncoming traffic and enjoy a fast, sharp focus shift between the road, your GPS and mirrors.

Switch to ZEISS DriveSafe lenses and reduce visual stress whilst driving. Reach you destination in a safe and stressless way.

With our ZEISS i.Scription optimalisation we generate your unique ‘fingerprint‘ through a night vision measurement with ZEISS i.ProfilerPlus. Enjoy better night vision, more contrast and vibrant colours thanks to ZEISS i.Scription lenses.

More protection. Less reflection. ZEISS BlueGuard Technology.

Our lives are becoming more and more digitalized. We work, play and shop online, wherever we are. With this change in lifestyle, our eyes are more important than ever.

This means that, besides possible damaging exposure to blue light from the sun, we also become more vulnarable for artificial blue light.

Protect your eyes from the challenging new normal with ZEISS BlueGuard lenses. They are designed to reduce visual fatigue without the annoying blue-purple residual reflections.