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Outstanding vision, exceptional comfort and adaptation

Glasses for everyday use, with less adaptation time, that are easy to get used to – sounds too good to be true? It really isn’t! Modern, customised varifocals correct a host of visual defects at once, offering exceptional visual comfort with top compatibility. The innovative progressive lenses help people finally see well with a smooth transition – at all distances.

When do you need varifocals?

It’ll happen to almost everyone sooner or later. Most people notice it by the time they’re 45: fine print becomes harder to decipher, reading in poor light puts the eyes under greater strain, and symbols and text on a smartphone display appear blurred.

In most cases, this is the onset of presbyopia: a normal process whereby the crystalline lens loses its elasticity and can no longer properly focus at different distances. The most comfortable and modern solution is a good pair of fitted progressive lenses, aka varifocals.

Progressive lenses are divided up into three zones, each of them with a different prescription: the upper part is used for looking into the distance, the lower part for close-up objects, and the middle part combines the near and distance zones to create the intermediate distance (examples of the intermediate distance are a car dashboard or the navigation system). To provide you with the best possible vision, we fit all our varifocal glasses with ZEISS precision lenses – a quality feature distinguished by the Z engraved on the lens. The virtually invisible engraving is a guarantee that you’re wearing ZEISS lenses.

Progressive lenses from ZEISS –

as unique as you are.

The golden rule for every pair of glasses is this: the more individualised and adjusted to your needs it is, the better and easier you’ll be able to see.
Varifocal lenses correct several visual defects at once.

What’s more, no two people are alike – and no two eyes are alike either.
Varifocals have to be adapted to the wearer’s visual profile in order to enable relaxed, clear vision. To ensure this happens and that your new varifocals are precisely tailored to your needs, ZEISS varifocals are available in four different quality categories that build on one another. Your progressive lenses should perfectly suit your frame, your lifestyle, your visual needs and your budget.

We will be happy to help at the ZEISS Vision Center Annys Asse – so that you can find the best solution for you. Together, we’ll find a new pair of varifocals and configure them according to your wishes – you’ll have the same variety and convenience you get when buying a car!
The following quality categories are available:

The following quality categories are available:

Category 1 – optimised for the eyes

ZEISS Progressive Lens Precision Pure and Digital Inside® Technology.


Want to see clearly again with a new pair of varifocals? Then make a great decision by selecting this lens type. ZEISS Progressive Precision Pure are our base level for ZEISS progressive lenses with Digital Inside® Technology for the modern lifestyle: the near zone features a unique enhancement that enables stress-free, clear vision when using digital devices (e.g. smartphones, e-readers and tablet PCs) and fast focusing when switching between distances, giving you comfortable vision over the long term – as well as a pair of progressive glasses that have evolved to meet the challenges of the digital world.

Category 2 – optimised for eyes + frames

ZEISS Progressive Lens Precision Plus with Adaptation Control and FrameFit®+ Technologie.


Progressive lenses for any frame style! Want new frames or need varifocals for a new prescription? Experienced wearers of progressive lenses know that not every progressive lens design fits every frame and that switching between different frames (e.g. sunglasses) can be challenging. For instance, if the frames are very slim, part of the progressive lenses may be removed when preparing them for the frames.

This is a change that your eyes cannot get used to. Progressive lenses with FrameFit®+ Technology and Adaptation Control Technology from ZEISS make this a thing of the past: we’ve successfully optimised varifocals for the frames, so that the lenses fit what you are used to and the shape and size of your new frame – for a comfortable and clear reading experience. This reduces the need for an adaptation period, designed for the best possible wearer tolerance with all frames. Why not take a look at our wide range of frames today!

These ZEISS progressive lenses have also been optimised for better vision in the digital world (see Category 1).

Category 3 – optimised for your eyes + frames + face

ZEISS Progressive Lens Precision Superb and FaceFit Technology.


Are standard varifocals not delivering the best possible vision? Do you want larger viewing zones in your new progressive lenses? In that case, our varifocals with ZEISS Precision Superb with FaceFit Technology are the best option: an innovative system is used to fit them to you and your face shape, which means your new progressive lenses will further enhance your vision.

When producing lenses with FaceFit Technology, we consider how you look through the lenses and how they sit on your ears. Anatomical parameters such as the distance between your eyes and the fit of the frame on the nose and ears. This precise adjustment creates larger fields for a clear view in the lens, improving your vision and ensuring the best possible 3D perception.

The benefits of ZEISS Precision Plus lenses are also evident in this progressive lens type: thin, lightweight lenses that are optimised for digital devices and mean there’s no need for an adjustment period with the frames.

Category 4 – optimised for eyes + frames + face + personal lifestyle

ZEISS Progressive Lens Individual 2 and IndividualFit® und Luminance Design® Technology.


Our premium progressive lens design is ideal for discerning customers. Is clear and natural vision important to you? No matter what your lifestyle, do you want your new varifocals to deliver perfect, relaxed vision all day long? Do you want a smoother transition when switching between different viewing distances? Progressive lenses with ZEISS Progressive Individual 2 and IndividualFit® and Luminance Design® Technology offer all of these benefits.

They are fitted to wearers more comprehensively than any other ZEISS progressive lens design and are perfectly matched to your frames, face and your lifestyle. Do you spend hours at work focusing in the near vision zone, e.g. working a computer screen? Or do you look after your grandchildren and constantly move your eyes between near and far? Progressive lenses with IndividualFit Technology are precisely tailored to these day-to-day visual habits, thereby offering you visual support just where you need it.

Another advantage is that, over time, the brightness changes, and with it the size of our pupils. Luminance Design® Technology takes into account the average pupil size and calculates the lens design more precisely.

Innovative ZEISS technology coupled with our outstanding optical knowledge mean this category affords you the best possible progressive lenses – including a whole new level of visual comfort during the day!

Tailored precision for your eyes.

Many different aspects determine how relaxed and natural our eyes are when looking through varifocals. One of the most important is optimum centring of the lens, i.e. matching it to the face shape, the distance between the eyes and the head tilt. Even small adjustments can drastically lower the performance of the lenses, often with irritating consequences like no compatibility, premature fatigue, feeling unwell, headaches and permanently bad vision.

That’s why we bear two aspects in mind when producing ZEISS progressive lenses: our digital, precise eye measurements and careful, comprehensive spectacle fitting. To ensure such high quality, our ZEISS Vision Center Annys Asse rely on cutting-edge, high-precision instruments and special analytical processes that permit them to precisely calculate the position of the frames and lenses to 1/10 millimetre. Uncompromisingly precise, uncompromisingly good.

Easy, fast adaptation.

Whether you already have experience with varifocals or if this is your first pair, no matter which of the four categories you choose, ZEISS progressive lenses are designed for exceptional visual comfort with easy adaptation. When producing your progressive lenses, we take into account an incredible number of factors and wearer data. This is how we’re able to manufacture a pair of progressive lenses for every patient’s needs – in top quality.

Spectacle lenses – incredibly thin and incredibly light.

Ideally, progressive lenses should be thin and lightweight. That’s because the lighter the frames and lenses are, the more comfortable they will be to wear. Modern production methods and top-quality materials enable us to produce attractive, slim lenses, even with a high prescription and unique vision problems. This eliminates unappealing magnifying and googly eye effects.

Our tip for progressive lenses.

Did you know that there are ways to get used to your progressive lenses more quickly? Our tip: the sooner you opt for progressive lenses, the easier it will be for you to get used to wearing them. If near vision correction is still low, the transitions in the varifocal lenses will be more subtle, which makes it easier for you to get used to wearing them. You should wear your new progressive glasses regularly at first, ideally from morning until evening. This way, your eyes will quickly adjust to the different viewing zones.

If you’re not satisfied with your glasses after 14 days, just stop by your local ZEISS Vision Center Annys Asse. 

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