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For us, better vision means a solution perfectly matched to your needs and lifestyle. Your glasses should be a reliable partner – without you noticing. That's why we offer a wide range of ZEISS precision spectacle lenses and coatings for an outstanding visual solution – from a simple pair of reading glasses and spectacles for distance vision to an individualised pair of progressive lenses and computer glasses.

Lenses with the ZEISS seal of quality

How do you recognise a ZEISS precision lens?

How do you recognise a ZEISS precision lens? During dispensing, you'll receive your ZEISS lens certificate from us. Before leaving the production area, ZEISS lenses are subjected to a particularly stringent inspection process which must meet special ZEISS standards. This ensures that each ZEISS precision lens features maximum quality. That's why a ZEISS branded lens deserves its own name and a recognisable symbol for you, the spectacle wearer. You can identify the ZEISS lens by the discreet ZEISS laser engraving, the stylised Z on the lens surface facing the eye.

The right glasses for any situation.


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