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Your Visual Performance Analysis

The classic eye test: lens by lens to optimum vision.

We now perform a classic eye test to identify and analyse different aspects of your vision: your visual acuity, how your eyes work together, and spatial perception. This is known as subjective refraction. Our Vision Analysis expert will show lenses with different powers in front of your eyes in a special refraction room until optimum visual perception is achieved. We use measuring devices like the ZEISS VISUPHOR 500 to more thoroughly inspect your vision. This will provide us with more information, which can be taken into account when producing your new lenses.

The more we know about your vision, the more precisely we can produce your lenses. That’s why during our analysis, we take into account all the relevant factors to ensure you can see perfectly with your new glasses:

  • Customised lenses have to be precisely matched to your personal requirements.
  • Your glasses must allow you to see clearly in all situations – close up, far away and at all intermediate distances, thereby guaranteeing the best possible spatial perception.

Next, we look at your personal style to help you choose the right frames!

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Owner: Jurgen Decraene en Rosy Pattyn

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