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Which spectacle frames best suit your style?

No other accessory makes such a big statement on your face than a pair of glasses: they can bring your features to the fore or totally change them, express your personality and even create extraordinarily extravagant looks. But which frames suit you best – your face shape, your style and your lenses? This is what this step is all about.

Most people who wear glasses have a hard time figuring out which frames suit them. But don’t worry – we’re here to help! Our Vision Analysis experts will guide you through our wide range of frames so that you can find your new favourite! We’ll recommend the most suitable frames and ensure that the material they’re made of matches your needs, and we’ll adjust the frames to ensure a perfect fit. There are a few things to bear in mind: we need to take into account your face shape, as well as the size and position of your eyes, ears and nose.

Once the frames are perfectly adjusted, we can calculate and produce the ZEISS lenses so that you can see clearly. Your glasses must fit perfectly, which is essential for the next step: lens centration.

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Owner: Jurgen Decraene en Rosy Pattyn

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