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Glasses for contact lens wearers

ZEISS EnergizeMe Lenses are the world’s first lenses that are specially designed to meet the needs of contact lens wearers.

Contact lenses are an attractive alternative to glasses, but wearing them for several hours can be stressful for our eyes: our vision is no longer as clear as it was, and our eyes often become dry and overtired. This is the point when most contact lens wearers will reach for their glasses, to give their tired eyes a break. Standard lenses don’t offer the features needed to ensure truly relaxed vision. Our solution for more comfortable vision after wearing contact lenses: specially designed glasses with ZEISS EnergizeMe. These innovative lenses are specially optimised to suit the needs of contact lens wearers and mean you can easily switch over to glasses. This is a great way to help your eyes relax after a long day of wearing your contact lenses. Nine out of ten contact lens wearers feel refreshed and have observed reduced digital eyestrain after wearing ZEISS EnergizeMe Lenses.*

So they’re a great pair of “well-being glasses” for contact lens wearers!

How do ZEISS EnergizeMe Lenses work?

ZEISS EnergizeMe Lenses for contact lens wearers feature a special design that is adapted to the wearer’s eye movements, age and lifestyle. This helps the eyes when you reach for your glasses, ensures relaxed vision once you’ve removed your contacts, and improves wearer comfort the next day. The integrated Digital Inside technology makes it easier to read books on all kinds of digital devices (e.g. smartphones and laptops). This is an excellent way to prevent digital eyestrain.

Always included:

our blue light protection for your eyes.

Did you know that light sources such as smartphones, TVs, LED lamps or laptops emit much more blue light than we’ve ever experienced before? Blue light can potentially wreak havoc on our body clocks, cause insomnia or prevent us from getting a good night’s sleep. Some people even find it unpleasant or tiring.

That’s why all ZEISS EnergizeMe Lenses come with our DuraVision® BlueProtect blue light filter. It offers additional visual comfort in the presence of artificial light and offers a solution for glasses wearers who are concerned about how blue-violet light is affecting their eye health and are seeking a form of protection.

In addition to a blue light filter, ZEISS EnergizeMe Lenses feature a hard coating that protects against scratches, is antireflective and has a CleanCoat finish for easy cleaning.  

Who are they for, and why?

ZEISS EnergizeMe Lenses for contact lens wearers are available in three versions – each one optimised for seeing in the digital world. Regardless of whether you want to buy a pair of glasses to prevent digital eyestrain or a pair designed with contact lens wearers in mind, which will allow your eyes to relax after a long day, ask your ZEISS VISION CENTER Decraene Kortrijk about ZEISS EnergizeMe Lenses

For contact lens wearers in their 30s and early 40s:

ZEISS EnergizeMe Digital.

Designed for those in their 30s or 40s who wear glasses and contact lenses and want greater visual comfort and relaxed eyes. The lenses come with DuraVision® BlueProtect and Digital Inside Technology as standard.  

For contact lens wearers over 40:

ZEISS EnergizeMe Progressive Lenses.

The ideal solution for those over 40 who wear progressive or multifocal contact lenses. They feature the DuraVision® BlueProtect coating that protects against blue light, and Digital Inside Technology for the stress-free use of digital devices and easier focusing when switching between various distances.

Our tip for contact lens wearers.

To help contact lens wearers like you see as comfortably as possible without your eyes becoming overtired, your second pair of glasses should be perfectly adapted to your contacts. That’s the only way to relax your eyes and stay fresher for longer.

Ask your us to help you find the right balance between your glasses and contacts – with the right sun protection, too. For healthy, relaxed eyes – all day long, and all year long.

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* ZEISS External Wearer Trial with 130 contact lens wearers and 14 independent opticians in Spain, 2016. Consumer acceptance test.