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More than just tinted lenses with UV protection: what sunglass lenses can do.

Good vision in the sunshine, glare protection, fashion statement and great accessory for shopping, in a café, for doing sports and for driving: sunglasses are now much more than just snazzy fashion accessories! Of course, a modern pair of sunglasses has to be stylish while providing comprehensive UV protection that permits exceptional visual comfort in different lights.

Our solution: sun protection lenses from ZEISS. Just like your regular specs, these versatile sun protection lenses can be adapted to suit your lifestyle, your visual habits and the shape of your face. They deliver razor-sharp vision for all your outdoor activities and completely filter out both UVA and UVB rays. To help you find your new favourite pair of sunglasses, we also offer a wide selection of tints that will mean you always go out looking your best!

What extras and features are available for sunglasses?

Sun protection lenses from ZEISS are available in many different versions, with plenty of features and handy extras to suit your needs. They’re also available as prescription or varifocal sunglasses. You can even opt for enhanced protection against reflections and glare, mirrored lenses for an extravagant look, or self-tinting lenses for exceptional comfort.

When it comes to the frames, you can select aviator lenses, a retro design, oversized/small lenses, or loud, chic or elegant ones – we have a pair of sunglasses that’s suitable for everyone. To ensure that your sunglass lenses and frames fit your look, we offer a wide range of tints for you to choose from – single colours, gradient tints and bi-colour versions too.

This way, you can opt for sunglass lenses featuring a more traditional brown, green and grey or another colour of your choice – whatever best fits your look or a particular outfit.

Who are they for, and why?

It is essential that sunglasses are optimised for the wearer, thus ensuring the best possible vision.

But which sunglasses are suitable for whom? Which tint is best, what extras and versions are suitable? At this point we can’t yet make a definitive recommendation because when purchasing a good pair of sunglasses you need to first have a personal consultation. Nevertheless, the decision does get easier when you know what a pair of top-quality sunglasses can do! Regardless of whether you’d like to buy a pair of glasses to change your look, relax your eyes or you’d simply like fewer reflections, we’re happy to discuss your options and find the best solution for you!


The key to a quality pair of sunglasses is full protection against UVA and UVB rays, and optimum tint intensity. The tint should be suited to the intended purpose of the sunglasses and your visual habits – it shouldn’t be too dark or too light. For activities in the city, we recommend light tints from categories 0 to 3.

Polarised sunglass lenses.

Polarised sunglasses, or sunglasses with polarised lenses, offer greater visual comfort in a number of situations. The special treatment (polarisation layer) reduces the often irritating polarised light reflections from smooth horizontal surfaces like wet roads, snow, water, metal and glass. That’s why watersport athletes in particular rely on polarised lenses from ZEISS – but they also deliver better vision in a host of other situations.

Self-tinting lenses.

Glasses with self-tinting lenses from ZEISS deliver outstanding comfort without needing to switch to a new pair: they automatically adjust to different lights (changing from clear to the darkness level of some sunglass lens tints) and thus ensure comfortable vision outdoors in the sunshine or on a cloudy day, as well as indoors. These practical all-rounders quickly darken and clear up and are the top choice for light-sensitive people, children and those who want one pair of glasses to do it all.

Lenses with a mirror coating.

Mirrored lenses are eye-catchers and a real fashion statement, for example the ZEISS DuraVision Mirror sun protection lenses. They improve visual comfort in extreme light conditions, e.g. when there is intense solar radiation in the mountains and on snowy terrain. Want to be a little more extravagant? Discover the possibilities! Our mirror coatings are available in eight exciting colours – from red, green and blue to silver and gold.

The new, intelligent pair of sunglasses.

Sometimes it’s too dark, sometimes it lets in too much light – a pair of sunglasses doesn’t offer the best tint in any situation. In bright sunlight, it could often be darker, but then it’s normally too dark in the shade, on a cloudy day or for a quick shopping trip. Having several pairs of sunglasses isn’t a viable option either.

We recommend ZEISS AdaptiveSun sunglass lenses – for sunglasses that automatically adjust their colour intensity depending on the light and deliver full UV protection. These intelligent sunglass lenses feature a convenient base tint in medium-strength sunglasses and can quickly darken to over 90 percent. In the shade, on a cloudy day or in a café, however, ZEISS AdaptiveSun lenses automatically absorb less light in order to ensure optimum vision. They’re available in brown, grey, pioneer and blue, and with a gradient tint if desired.

Find out more about sun protection lenses from ZEISS

Our tip for protecting your eyes.

Did you know that UV radiation can also affect our eyes during the day? All year round, at any time of day, in sunny conditions or even on cloudy days when UV exposure can reach up to 75 percent of the level achieved on a clear day at ground level. To protect the skin, we wear sunscreen, but we really don’t have a lot of options when it comes to protecting our eyes against harmful UV rays.

When you buy a pair of glasses, you should ask yourself whether your lenses offer high-quality UV protection. But that’s not all: ZEISS is raising its standards in terms of UV protection and equipping all its clear plastic lenses with a comprehensive UV filter up to a wavelength of 400 nm. This means UVA and UVB radiation are completely filtered out.

Our ZEISS VISION CENTER Decraene Kortrijk experts will be happy to help.

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