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Relax with a good book

Kick back, relax and enjoy a good book with a cup of tea, in front of a cosy fire – reading has never been more fun! At some stage in our lives, our vision starts to deteriorate, making it more difficult to read: letters and numbers will start to appear blurred and people will hold books and tablets a little further away in order to see clearly – until one day, this simply isn’t enough. Ring any bells? The best solution for seeing clearly and getting into your novels, newspapers or the book on your tablet as easily as you used to is with a pair of reading glasses with ZEISS lenses.

What are reading glasses?

Reading glasses are one of the most common ways of improving near vision. As our vision deteriorates with age, it will eventually become a real effort to make out small letters and numbers. Even people who don’t yet have any need for glasses notice this change in their vision over the course of their lives – it usually happens between the ages of 40 and 45.

Presbyopia causes us to feel tired when we read without glasses, and makes it impossible to do so as time goes on. This is completely natural: as time goes by, the eye’s lens loses its elasticity, making it increasingly difficult for our eyes to adjust to different distances. Nearby objects appear more and more blurred, and reading becomes a real effort.

In this case, reading glasses featuring ZEISS lenses can help you relax with a good book once more: our single vision lenses have been optimised for near vision and adjusted to the wearer’s needs. The lenses are great for reading small font, e.g. on a smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Reading glasses from ZEISS

Experience unprecedented wearer comfort.

To help you see clearly when reading, we’ll tailor your new reading glasses to your visual needs and reading habits at the ZEISS VISION CENTER Decraene Kortrijk . We take your prescription, your anatomy and your personal reading distance into account.

This uncompromising precision ensures the best possible visual error correction and excellent wearer tolerance with rapid adaptation. Even for wearers with a high prescription and additional visual defects (such as astigmatism or heterophoria), ZEISS reading glasses can be tailored to their eyes, thus eliminating irritating blurs and distortions at the edges.

The benefits are clear vision and the ability to read without seeing blurred letters, leaving you with razor-sharp vision and able to enjoy reading– just like before!

My Vision Profile

Determine your personal visual habits now and find your individualised lens solution.

Our reading glasses

are incredibly thin and light as a feather.

Even if you don’t wear your reading glasses all day long, there are some key benefits you’ll notice even if you only wear them for short periods. Like their weight, for instance – the lighter the better! For this reason, we use top-quality materials and production methods to manufacture our reading glasses with ZEISS lenses. This makes them so easy to wear and they look great too – they can be tailored to your wishes, your prescription and your budget. So you can rest assured that you’ll have a pair of ultra-thin, flat, lightweight reading glasses – even if you have a high prescription.

Read on to find out more about single vision lenses from ZEISS. Our experts at ZEISS VISION CENTER Decraene Kortrijk can tell you everything you need to know about tints and lens coatings

Our tip for reading glasses.

Do you read a lot at work, maybe on a computer screen? Regular reading glasses aren’t usually optimised for near vision: generally, we hold a book more close up than we’d read the text on a screen. Using your reading glasses to see the text on a screen promotes an unnatural posture while sitting, potentially causing muscle tension in your neck, shoulders and back, as well as headaches. Office lenses are better as they’re adapted to your visual requirements at work, which takes the pressure off your eyes during the day.

Talk to us today – your ZEISS VISION CENTER Decraene Kortrijk will be happy to help!

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