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Driving is part of many people’s daily routine. And yet many drivers feel unsafe, tense and stressed when they get behind the wheel – particularly if their vision is obscured by rain or fog, but also as day turns to night. Good vision while driving is one of the most important aspects when it comes to our safety.

If visibility is poor, we get tired more quickly and react more slowly. Optimum visual support is available in the form of glasses for driving, like the DriveSafe lenses from ZEISS: these everyday lenses take the pressure off driving by allowing us to see better at night or in poor weather, by reducing reflections and enabling fast and frequent switching between different viewing distances – thus ensuring greater safety and comfort while driving.

What makes our eyes tired while driving?

We don’t often realize it, but while driving our eyes are working overtime: we constantly have to shift our focus between the street, the dashboard, the rear-view and wing mirrors – and sometimes to the passenger seat or to the kids in the back. Poor weather, darkness and irritating reflections also impair our vision.

When you’re buying a new pair of glasses and looking for something that will leave your eyes more relaxed while driving, your glasses should solve the following vision problems:  

1. Vision problems caused by poor light (e.g. in the rain, fog or as day turns to night).

Many people avoid driving at night and at dusk as they’re no longer able to judge distances as well; this makes them feel unsafe and can be stressful for them. People often talk about “night blindness” because we see differently at night and in poor light (e.g. when it rains, is foggy or snowing). Our pupils become dilated, meaning our vision is less focused and clear than it is during the day. For this reason, the best lenses for driving are ones that help us better judge distances in poor visibility.

2. Vision problems caused by glare and reflections.

Whether it’s the headlights of oncoming traffic, street lamps or reflections on a wet road, many drivers are irritated by glare – particularly when trying to see with dilated pupils, as is the case at dusk or at night. Studies show that such glare in traffic is linked to the design of modern car headlights, especially those with LED and Xenon HID lights. To take the pressure off your eyes, you should therefore ensure your lenses have the right glare protection when you purchase a new pair of glasses.

3. Vision problems caused by fast, frequent eye movements.

When we’re driving, we spend 97 percent of the time focusing on the road ahead*. At the same time, our eyes quickly move from one point to another, e.g. from the street to the dashboard, to the rear-view or wing mirrors, sometimes to the passenger seat and then back again. Our eyes have their work cut out as they have to adjust to the different distances and re-focus all the time. This is usually no problem for young drivers.

Between the ages of 35 and 40, our eyes start to lose their ability to adjust, making it increasingly difficult to switch between different distances. Special progressive lenses can help us overcome this obstacle To ensure we can see well with progressive lenses when driving, the medium and long ranges have to be taken into account, like with the ZEISS DriveSafe lenses. This ensures that we can quickly focus on the dashboard and the street without having to move our heads too much.

What are the benefits of ZEISS DriveSafe lenses?

ZEISS DriveSafe lenses are a fantastic solution for typical vision problems encountered while driving: they enhance our vision in poor light, reduce glare and support eye movements.

DriveSafe, therefore, improves our vision in poor light.

DriveSafe lenses feature an optimised design (ZEISS Luminance Design® Technology) that takes into account the size of our pupils in poor light. The result? A pair of everyday glasses for more relaxed and better vision at night and at dusk!

DriveSafe, therefore, reduces glare.

To reduce the amount of glare while driving, DriveSafe features a new, special lens coating: DuraVision® DriveSafe. It offers a hard coating that protects against scratches and a CleanCoat finish for easy cleaning, as well as an innovative type of anti-reflective coating. Lenses with DuraVision® DriveSafe therefore reflect wavelengths in the high-energy visible range of the blue light spectrum, which typically create unpleasant reflections. The results speak for themselves: In ZEISS studies, 64 percent** of all wearers tested said they experienced fewer problems with glare thanks to the new coating compared to other premium anti-reflective coatings.

DriveSafe thus makes it easier to shift your focus when driving.

In particular, people who wear progressive lenses often find it difficult to shift their focus when driving. This is where our special ZEISS DriveSafe progressive lenses come in: the generously dimensioned fields of vision make it easier to shift your focus, e.g. between the road and the dashboard, thereby reducing horizontal head tilts. At the same time, the lenses’ near zone is designed to ensure that the DriveSafe glasses can also be used for reading.  

Who are ZEISS DriveSafe lenses suitable for?

ZEISS DriveSafe lenses are the ideal safety add-on for people who are looking for glasses they can wear all day that are also optimised for driving.

Find out more about ZEISS DriveSafe

Our tip for your new favourite pair of glasses.

Your eyes are as unique as a fingerprint – a pair of glasses has to be just as unique to become your favourite pair. These lenses are tailored to your anatomy and visual habits, and perfectly adjusted to suit your lifestyle, your leisure activities or your job. Do you drive a lot, or don’t enjoy driving at night? Do you read a lot, or have a particular hobby? The experts at our ZEISS VISION CENTER Decraene Kortrijk will be happy to discuss your options with you, i.e.

  • which lenses offer you the best vision – and why?
  • Which frames best suit your style and visual needs?
  • Which comfortable extras are recommended for your visual profile?

Just stop by or make an appointment – we’re happy to help!

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* Source: FKFS. The Research Institute of Automotive Engineering and Vehicle Engines Stuttgart is an independent foundation affiliated with the University of Stuttgart. The FKFS was founded in 1930 and has developed into one of the largest and most important research institutes in the automotive sector. It has achieved special prominence in the area of driving simulations and is a key partner to automobile manufacturers and suppliers.

** Source: internal wearer tests with 60 CZV employees in Germany, 2013; external wearer tests with 70 opticians and consumers in Spain, 2014.