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Clear vision and gentle care for long-lasting lenses

Squeaky clean, crystal-clear lenses – who doesn’t love putting on a pair of freshly cleaned glasses? Suddenly everything becomes clear and defined once more, with no dust, smears, streaks or fingerprints to speak of. Proper care is essential: only a thorough yet gentle clean will ensure flawless vision and that your lenses last longer. Improper cleaning can damage even the best lenses.

What do we suggest? ZEISS lens cleaning products. They work quickly and gently to ensure clear vision in seconds – whether you’re at home or on the go!

What lens cleaners does ZEISS offer?

While modern lens coatings with an innovative hard coating like DuraVision® Platinum protect against scratches and repel dirt, you still need to take care when cleaning your lenses to ensure you don’t damage them. For instance, avoid quickly cleaning your lenses with a tissue, tie, scarf, jumper or your sleeve:

while this may seem practical, you’ll transfer all the dirt onto the lenses, which can result in micro-scratches even if you have modern plastic lenses with a hard coating. That’s why ZEISS offers a range of efficient, gentle lens cleaners that make cleaning your glasses no trouble at all!

ZEISS Lens Wipes individually wrapped moist cleaning wipes.

Clear vision at all times, whether you’re at home, on the go or at the office: ZEISS Lens Wipes offer gentle and thorough cleaning with no risk of scratching or damaging your lenses. Individually wrapped and fast drying to leave a streak free finish ZEISS Lens Wipes are convenient and portable – which means they’re perfect for those who lead a fast-paced lifestyle. Made with high quality, micro-fine tissue and free from aggressive cleaning agents ZEISS Lens Wipes are suitable for all glass and plastic spectacle lenses.

You can of course use a microfibre cleaning cloth, but dry cloths aren’t very efficient, especially if you need to remove greasy substances. You’ll be able to clean much more effectively if you first moisten the cloth with a cleaning spray. We recommend:

ZEISS Lens Cleaning Spray

It’s just as effective as giving your lens a good rinse – but it’s much faster: in combination with a microfibre cleaning cloth, our ZEISS Lens Cleaning Spray is perfect for a thorough cleaning. Apply the spray to the microfibre cloth, not to the lenses themselves. Did you know … Lenses in rimless frames have drill holes, while those in standard frames have screw holes? If liquids get into these holes, it can damage your glasses in the long run. You should therefore apply the spray to the microfibre cloth and not to the lenses themselves. This ensures you can clean with just the right amount of moisture to effectively remove dirt, make-up and grease – without damaging the lenses.

ZEISS Lens Cleaning Spray

ZEISS Microfibre Cloths.

Use our ZEISS Microfibre Cloths for effective and gentle spectacle care every day – in the quality you’ve come to expect. The classic way to thoroughly clean your lenses and ensure they last a long time – whether used dry, after rinsing the lenses under lukewarm water, or in conjunction with the ZEISS lens cleaning spray. Tip: For optimum cleaning results, microfibre cloths should be washed regularly – ideally at no higher than 40 degrees and without fabric softener, otherwise you’ll smear your lenses.

ZEISS Microfibre Cloths

Our tip for crystal-clear vision.

Why not treat your glasses to a thorough clean in an ultrasonic bath now and again? This is the gentlest and most effective way to remove dirt. In just a couple of minutes, your lenses and frames will be restored to their former glory. Don’t have an ultrasonic bath for your lenses?

We’ll be happy to wash them in an ultrasonic bath at ZEISS VISION CENTER Decraene Kortrijk – completely free of charge, of course! We’d be happy to look at your glasses if they no longer fit right or if the hinges or screws have become loose.

We look forward to your visit!

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