ZEISS VISION CENTER Kortrijk | Owner: Jurgen Decraene en Rosy Pattyn

ZEISS Vision Center

Visibly better!

ZEISS Vision Center Decraene Kortrijk

Rediscovering vision

We are not just another optical store, we are the optical store that guarantees you the sharpest vision.

‘Visibly better’ is not just our slogan. It is our promise to you.

Team ZEISS Vision Center Decraene

Jurgen Decraene


Dipl. Optician-Optometrist 1996 IORT Brussels
Management, polatest, contact lenses, multifocal solutions, Vision Analysis

Rosy Pattyn


Dipl. Optician 2008 Syntra Gent
Management, purchases, sales, color- and style advisor

Alice Wyseur

Optician Optometrist

Bachelor Optics & Optometry 2018 Odisee Brussel

Stephanie Lecointre


Master in Speech Therapy and Audiological Sciences, 2022, UGent

Rebecca Pascolo

Optician Optometrist

Bachelor Optics and Optometry, 2017, Odisee Brussel | Master Management and Policy Health Care, 2019, UGent